We are incredibly lucky here at St. Andrews to have such a dedicated team and the support of our parishioners. Everyone, all ages, working and socialising together - we really do have a lot of fun - creating such a strong and welcoming community.

The Reverend John Williams: Born in Kent, John has spent most of his life here in Devon. Following his ordination in 1987 he served in Churches in Paignton and Exeter before moving to Exminster in 2001. He is now responsible for the parish of Exminster, which includes overseeing St Andrew’s Kenn, All Saints Kenton, St Clement’s Powderham and St Martins Exminster.

Churchwardens: Simon Preece and Maureen Bate

Hon. Secretary: Ayesha Lovell

Hon. Treasurer: John Richardson 

PCC Members: Anne Hawken, Sarah Scoble, Helen Mortimer, Philip Reader, Annie Jinks, Linda Smith, Kelly Kingwell, Barbara Philipson, Jo Evans