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If you have a concern about the safety of someone, or the actions of someone working with children or vulnerable adults, please speak to someone.

The Parish Safeguarding Officer is Lorna Clay.

Tel: 07582696472

You can reach the Diocesan Safeguarding Team via this link:



If you are a young person and feel unhappy about something happening to you, you can call Childline on 0800 1111"

Missionary Work

Who told us to Go into all the world, Preach the Gospel and Heal the Sick?
It is not just about giving money- we believe that prayer and the exchange of information should be vital parts of our involvement and support to four very different missions overseas.

We support a Christian minister in Bihar.This is one of India's most populated, lawless and hostile states.Samuel has two small but growing congregations and works with a lay evangelist.It has been called " The Missionary's Graveyard" In the last five years he has had to cope with floods, vilification from other faiths and the abduction of his wife and youngest daughter-mercifully now recovered.      [email protected]

Christian Response to Eastern Europe. This locally based charity originally took medical and other aid and expertise to Romania but has extended its operations to Moldova.This is one of Europe's poorest countries with levels of poverty and neglect akin to that found in parts of Africa.     [email protected]

Shelter Box  Our Lent Lunches since 2009 have supported Shelter Box.In 2011 we sponsored 2 boxes to go to Ethiopia.This year we would like to make it 3 ! Our Lent Lunches will be in the Kenn  Centre on Mondays in Lent.See Events. Whether you are local or a visitor you are very welcome to join us.

Mercy Ships are floating hospitals staffed by volunteers who pay their own way to the countries where the ships are docked and operating.This year as a one off we are supporting the Big Easter Breakfast Campaign so that free surgery, medical and dental care etc can be delivered to some of the World's forgotten and neglected poor.

If you want to know more, help or make a contribution please contact our Overseas Mission Secretary, Ian Goodrick  Tel:-01392 832799    [email protected]

Services each Month

Service Times

1st Sunday
10:00am - Morning Worship & Sunday School
2nd Sunday
8:15am - Eucharist
3rd Sunday
10:00am - Sung Eucharist & Sunday School
4th Sunday
8:15am - Eucharist
5th Sunday
10:00am - Joint Service
Every Thursday
9:00am - Eucharist